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From Site To Fight

From Site To Fight

#FromSiteToFight – Leigh’s Journey – UWCB Charity Match

In just 6 weeks time, Leigh McNiven, Director, will be entering the Boxing Ring to take part in a charity boxing match to help raise awareness for both Cancer Research and Men’s Mental Health.

“My purpose is to raise money for two causes close to my heart. Men’s Mental Health and Cancer Research. This year we lost one of our long serving and most loyal employees who felt he had no option but to end his life. Although we were supporting with his illness, his death was a huge shock and he is sorely missed.

Most recently my Grandfather who I idolised lost a short battle with Cancer which hit me hard. These two recent events have spurred me to change my lifestyle and get back in shape physically as well as mentally. For years now I have myself been battling with depression and after the traumatic birth of my son last year I decided to get help. When our son was born, my wife and I were faced with the news he may not live or if he did, he may face lasting issues due to oxygen starvation. The scary thing for me at the time was I did not feel any worse hearing that news than I normally did in day to day life. The only difference was it was something new to worry about. Today we have an 11 month old boy who is already walking, has no signs of any lasting complications and fills me with pride everyday!

#FromSiteToFight is another step forward in my journey where I am getting fitter and realising life should not solely revolve around work. Along with getting fitter I am also doing other things to help my mental health. One of the biggest and easiest things I have started doing is TALKING ABOUT IT!

Life can be stressful and throw things at you that can be difficult. Most people can relate to a loved one being diagnosed with Cancer and the associated worry and stress. These circumstances can be amplified with financial commitments, work pressures and as a male, trying to maintain the façade that everything is ok.

I am passionate about raising awareness and sponsorship for Men’s Mental Health and Cancer Research. Local organisations like Andy’s Man Club with groups in Perth and Dundee and Brothers in Arms based in Glasgow are valuable retreats where guys can go and just chat. Crucially they are free to attend.”

With only 6 weeks until the fight, any sponsorship towards these causes would be greatly appreciated.

To donate to Cancer Research UK:

To donate to Men’s Mental Health charities Andy’s Man Club and Brothers In Arms:

If you are a business and would like to sponsor Leigh on his journey #FromSiteToFight please get in touch.

Platinum Sponsorship – NO LONGER AVAILABLE  £300.00 – Includes 2 ringside tickets to fight night on Saturday 14th July in Dundee. Logo will be displayed on training t-shirt and will be the only logo displayed on fight vest when Leigh enters the ring. You will receive as much good PR as possible.
Gold Sponsorship – £150.00 – Logo will be displayed on training t-shirt. You will receive as much good PR as possible and a keep sake Sponsor T-Shirt.
Silver Sponsorship – £75.00 – Logo will be displayed on training t-shirt as well as the good PR that comes with being involved.

The Ultra White Collar Boxing (UWCB) Event will be held on Saturday 14th July at the Ardler Complex in Dundee.

You can follow Leigh’s journey #FromSiteToFight on Instagram @leighmcniven

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